Ever since we have been together, traveling has been one of our biggest passions. Our lives were changed when we moved from our hometown of Puerto Rico to Madrid, Spain.  With this change came more opportunities to travel and more ways to add creativity to our adventurous spirited life, while also have fun sharing our story along the way.


We became story tellers and Traveling Pursuit was born by combining our passion for travel with our creative backgrounds in design & marketing, aimed to create and share meaningful travel related content with the hopes of inspiring peoples interest and desire for adventure.




Day by day, traditional media is loosing ground in today’s digital age. 

Instead, online research and social media presence has increased as people’s main channel of communication and source for information.  


This is because people want to know about personal experiences of others. In many cases, they feel more connected to travelers like us, who in turn, have now become the first point of reference.


Have a broader, strategic audience exposure, grow your reach focused on a well defined and targeted core demographic.



We offer collaborative and partnership services for your company or brand.


Looking for better targeted exposure and presence?

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